County Solid Waste Management

The goal of the Huntington County Solid Waste Management District is to implement and maintain source reduction, reuse, and recycling programs that reduce the amount of solid waste incinerated or disposed of in landfills; and to provide assurances of disposal capacity for the remaining solid wastes generated in the district during the next 20 years.

The Huntington County SWMD provides unstaffed drop-off recycling services, weekly Household Hazardous Waste and electronics waste collection, and pre-approved business/non-profit Hazardous Waste collection by appointment.

The Board of Directors for the Huntington County SWMD as of 2020 includes Tom Wall (President); Larry Buzzard and Rob Miller (County Commissioners); Richard Strick (Mayor of Huntington); Laura Dillon (Town Representative); Jerry Meehan Jr. (Huntington City Council); and Phil Hibbert (County Council).