Shared E-Scooters

Huntington residents have a new option to move around the city with shared electric scooters provided by a private company, Morrell’s Scooters.

Per Morrell’s Scooters’ rules, riders 18 and older can use the shared e-scooters to travel to their destination in designated areas on the city’s streets, sidewalks and trails. The service increases mobility in the city while providing a cost-effective, environmentally friendly alternative to traveling by car.

Using the Shared Scooters

The shared e-scooters can be unlocked using Morrell’s Scooters’ Ride Goat app (iPhone|Android).

After you create an account, the app will cover how to unlock and safely operate the e-scooter and how to properly park it to end your ride. The app also provides a geofenced map of where the company has chosen to allow its e-scooters to be ridden (outlined in green), where they may be parked (outlined in blue), and where they will slow down (outlined in yellow).

Remember, shared e-scooters taken outside the green boundary lines may automatically shut off. When your ride is over, you may continue to be charged if the e-scooter is left outside the blue boundary lines.

The app charges a fee to unlock the e-scooter and a cost-per-minute to operate it. Morrell’s Scooters requires all riders to wear a helmet.

City Ordinance 7-C-22 (pertaining to both the company’s shared e-scooters and ones that are privately owned) permits e-scooters to be ridden on city streets, trails and sidewalks. Riders should yield to all pedestrians, slow down in congested areas and reduce speeds to 3 to 4 miles per hour on sidewalks in the Downtown District. E-scooter riders are to follow all local traffic signs and signals. While Morrell’s Scooters requires riders to be at least 18 years of age to operate its shared e-scooters, privately owned e-scooters may be operated by anyone 16 or older with valid photo identification.

Ending Your Ride

When you’ve reached your destination, properly park the shared e-scooter and use the app to lock it. Riders may continue to be charged if the shared e-scooter is not parked following the company’s instructions. Please make sure the e-scooter is parked in an upright position and is not obstructing a sidewalk, parking spot, crosswalk, ADA-compliant curb ramp, a business entrance/exit, or private property.

For assistance or questions regarding the shared e-scooters, contact the support service via the app or email