Day Reporting
Launched October 2013

The Day Reporting Program requires participants to report either in person or telephonically for compliance as an alternative to incarceration. These participants are supervised by their Case Manager and Support Staff based on their risk level and have a case plan created to target their individual needs. Staff are able to provide resources and connect participants with vendors to assist with employment, education, life skills and treatment.

Community Transition
Launched December 2013

The Community Transition Program (CTP) serves male and female adult offenders who are released from the Indiana Department of Corrections through the Community Transition Program, I.C. 11-8-1-5.5. This program allows for offenders to be released from the IDOC while utilizing supervision and evidence-based programming that promotes participant rehabilitation and assures community safety.

Electronic Monitoring Home Detention 
Launched April 2014

Electronic Monitoring Home Detention uses evidence-based and risk-informed supervision to serve offenders convicted in court. Participants are monitored via Electronic Monitoring GPS equipment that provides 24/7 monitoring and tracking. Community Corrections staff review all participant movements to ensure victim and public safety. All participants have alerts and zones designed to provide extra protection for victims. While on Home Detention, participants must remain inside their residence and are only released to go to employment and to other activities approved by Community Corrections staff. Participants are directly supervised by their Case Manager, Field and Surveillance Officers, and Support Staff. Participants receive differing supervision levels based on their risk level and a case plan is created to target their individual needs.

Community Service
Launched July 2014

The Community Service Program allows participants to give back to the community in various ways by collaborating with local non-for-profits, learning new skills and trades, assisting with gardening and landscaping needs, and possible mentorship opportunities.

Ignition Interlock 
Launched April 2015

The Ignition Interlock Program is an Alcohol Monitoring System that is installed into a participant's vehicle. They are required to pass a breathalyzer test before the vehicle can be started.

Pretrial Services


Residential Living Work Release