Property Fraud Alerts

To subscribe free of charge go, to or contact the Huntington Recorder's Office at (260) 355-2312.

A common property fraud scenario involves a criminal filing a bogus deed making it appear that the actual owner had transferred ownership of a parcel to someone else. The criminal then takes that deed to a bank, fraudulently obtains a mortgage, and then disappears with a large amount of money.

While it can happen to anyone, perpetrators of property fraud often prey on the elderly, people in long-term care facilities, absentee property owners, and owners who spent large parts of the year out of town. While these crimes have yet to occur in Huntington County in significant numbers, property fraud is a serious problem in other parts of Indiana. In April 2008, the Federal Bureau of Investigation included Indiana among 15 states that are "significantly affected by mortgage fraud."

Most alerts received will be for legitimate documents, such as those filed when a home is bought or sold. But if the property owner is concerned about a document he or she is unaware of, the alert contains information that allows the owner to investigate the matter and take appropriate action.

The Recorder's Office is committed to bringing the best services possible to our constituents and is excited about the value this offering will bring. While Property Fraud Alert does not prevent fraud from happening, it will provide an early warning system that will allow our property owners to take appropriate actions if they deem possible fraudulent activity has occurred.
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