Emergency Management Staff and Volunteers

Emergency Management Staff and Volunteers receive regular training in Damage Assessment, Hazardous Materials Response, Skywarn Storm Spotting, National Incident Management System, Incident Command System, Light Search and Rescue, Communications, and First Aid/CPR. These volunteers donate countless hours to their communities in order to be better prepared to respond to a natural or man-made disaster.


Robert (Bob) Jeffers 35-600 Director
Butch Williams 35-601 Deputy Director
Tony Ehler 35-602 Training Officer/Skywarn Manager
Nick Stanley 35-603 Public Relations Manager
Tom Wuensch 35-604 
Cole Brooks 35-606 
Kirby Jones 35-608 
Other Volunteers
Ryan Douglas 35-613
Terry Shenefield 35-616
Chad Walters 35-619
Dave Tucker 35-621
Billy Floyd 35-622
Joshua Lahr 35-625
Betty Hopson 35-627
Simeon Reed 35-628
Todd Brundige 35-629
Trey Wuensch 35-630
Travis Wuensch 35-631
Travis Harrison 35-632
Steven Jeffers 35-633
Nate Falcone 35-634
Tyler Harrison 35-635
Jeff Caley 35-636
Jim Kneller 35-637
Scott Smith 35-638
Aaron Hartman 35-639