Planning functions provided by the Department involve collaboration with community stakeholders and other agencies to develop and implement various plans, projects and studies. The Department advises the City of Huntington Plan Commission and oversees many of its administrative functions. Staff also works closely with other Departments and agencies in the coordination and planning for expansion and growth opportunities. In conjunction with the Plan Commission, the Department is responsible for overseeing the development and day to day implementation of the City's Comprehensive Plan. This document is the cornerstone plan for the long term growth and development of the City and is the basis for many City projects and initiatives.


Land use planning is aimed at furthering the welfare of people and the community by creating convenient, equitable, efficient and attractive environments for present and future generations. Successful land use planning involves a balanced mix of analysis of the existing conditions and constraints; extensive public engagement; practical planning and design; and financially and politically feasible strategies for implementation. As a result of planning, an overall community vision is established to ensure the needs of the entire community are considered, not just the benefits to individuals. From the planning process, a variety of goals and public policies are established and applied through zoning and other development tools.


Since the future of our community is important, the Department has trained planning professionals on staff to serve you. Department staff remains up to date with emerging planning issues through regular training, continuing education, and membership with professional organizations such as the American Planning Association (APA) and the Indiana Planning Association (IPA).

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