Planning & Zoning

DCD oversees all planning and zoning services for Huntington County (unincorporated areas only) and the towns of Andrews, Markle, Mount Etna, Roanoke, and Warren. We’re here to help you navigate the planning process and zoning regulations so you understand what types of development is permissible and what regulations may apply.

“Planning and zoning” services include, but are not limited to:

  • Answering all zoning questions
  • Maintaining and updating the Zoning Ordinance for each jurisdiction
  • Variance requests (please check our Board of Zoning Appeals page for more information)
  • Rezoning requests (please check our Plan Commission page for more information)
  • Development plan requests (please check our Development Plan Committee page for more information)
  • Subdivision requests (please check our Subdivision Plat Committee page for more information)
  • Maintaining and updating the Comprehensive Plan for each jurisdiction
  • Assigning new addresses

What is my Zoning District?

To determine the current zoning classification (or zoning district) of a property, please visit the Huntington County GIS site. Once you reach the GIS site, search for the property by address, owner, or parcel number (PIN). Make sure you’ve selected the correct parcel by reviewing the information on the “Parcel Report” tab. Then, to identify the zoning district, select the “Map” tab and turn on the County/Town Zoning layer (located under the “Planning” category). You may then use that classification to review the Zoning Ordinance requirements for that district. For your convenience, you may also view the Zoning Restrictions chart which outlines most of the zoning restrictions for each district.

When in doubt, please do not hesitate to contact DCD if you would like to learn about the zoning classification of a property.